Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fly Brother Podcast - Season 1, Episode 2: Peace, Love & Black History

In this episode of the Fly Brother Podcast:

Celebrating Black History Month with Black Expats
A Nod to Valentine's Day with Love and Travel
Finding Fly Deals Online

1. "Abie Baby/Fourscore" - Nell Carter & Cast from the Motion Picture Soundtrack of Hair
2. "Un Beso de Desayuno" - Calle 13
3. "Happy" (Spiritual South Go Happy in Rio Mix) - Max Sedgley

Links mentioned in the podcast:
NEGES Foundation - - -

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Monica said...

Fly Brother, congrats on the podcast launch. The second podcast was outstanding. I was really impressed. I liked it even better than the first one, which honestly, I couldn't hear well. (Could be my busted speakers.) The Black History Month segment? Dang, wish I woulda thought of that one for my blog! It was a good lesson and a great reminder I look forward to more.

LOL on the "call in sick."

Anonymous said...

Good stuff.

Loved the Black History Month tribute to black expats....LOL at "Yall not sending me to Paris, I'm out!"

The nod to V-Day was hot!

Fly Brother said...

Monica and msgellini: Many thanks for checking out the podcast! I'm trying to improve with each episode, I appreciate the criticism and the kudos! :-)

bershi said...

Dios mio, hombre, hay algo que no puedas hacer?
Congrats on the podcast launch...absolutely stellar production. I'll be listening on a regular basis.

Fly Brother said...

Gracias por escuchar, Nardo, y por el piropo!