Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fly Favorites: February 2010

CNN Traveller highlights the diverse and sundry architecture of beautiful Downtown Cairo.

Carlo Alcos of Matador Trips takes five weeks to cycle around that faded Caribbean beauty, Cuba.

From Seoul to the Seine, photographer and very stylish fille Felicia Shelton has unveiled her new online portfolio.

Tom Brokaw takes the blame off Canada with this insightful portrait of his home country.

Canadian brother Ricardo Arthur discusses b-boys and black culture in Japan.

Brandie of Out and About Africa profiles DC-opian and their fly African t-shirts and blog.

My So-Called Life in France gets hilariously indignant about "Gerdard Dipardoo's" bleaching of the racially-mixed auteur Alexandre Dumas.

The New York Times goes in-depth on how to click it and ticket flights the frugal way.

Camille of Adventures in Wheelville shows us what's up during Carnival in snowy Slovenia.

When in the City by the Bay, check out the slick and soulful Museum of the African Diaspora, and donate to the cause.

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Anonymous said...

Love this and thank you!

Felicia, This Time Now

Will said...

This is nice. I bet Cairo is a fabulous trip. That's on my list of "Must see" places. Thanks for this.

Fly Brother said...

Felicia: Anytime!

Will: Thanks for commenting and for reading the blog! Cairo is indeed something to behold.