Monday, February 15, 2010

Fly Brother Podcast - Season 1, Episode 3: Carnival!

In this episode of the Fly Brother Podcast:

The Whats Whens Wheres and Hows of Carnival

1. "Na Onda do Berimbau" - Monobloco*
2. "Baila en la Calle" - Luis Díaz & Sonia Silvestre
3. "Getaway" - N'dea Davenport

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For tips on getting to Carnival next year, check my handy-dandy How to Get to Carnival Guide on the Fly Brother blog.

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*Not the original musical selection, this song is a fusion of styles associated with samba and the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, representing both Rio and Salvador Carnivals. I just ain't feel like re-recording fifteen minutes of talking.

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