Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help for Haiti

Just this week, I had begun the preliminary planning for two weeks of volunteering this summer at an environment-focused work camp run by the NEGES Foundation in Léogâne, Haiti. Just yesterday, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked the country, its epicenter only a few miles away from Léogâne, just west of the capital, Port-au-Prince. With communication lines down and innumerable casualties, this has been the worst earthquake to hit the disaster-plagued and poverty-stricken country in 200 years. According to press accounts, hospitals and other traditional disaster relief locations have been destroyed.

The NEGES Foundation, with the help of my friend Dr. Brandi Reddick of The Green Pharmacist, had been planning a summer camp for kids that focused on environmental awareness and green living, in addition to the foundation's normal projects, which include planting trees and operating a school, community center, and Internet cafe in the town. One of the organizers, Ms. Marie Yoleine Gateau, had just spoken with me Monday about coming down to work this summer. As of now, she has still been unable to reach her family and friends in Léogâne from her current residence in New York.

The pictures in this post are from Dr. Reddick's trip to Haiti last summer, when she first volunteered with the work camp. Her enthusiasm in describing her experience inspired me to go myself this year. When I spoke to her today, she said that most people have this abstract image of "those poor people in Haiti already suffering," and while the poverty is real, the people still lead as normal lives as they can; most were finishing up the work-day, getting dinner started, or out playing soccer.

While I'm unsure as to the status of my trip to Haiti, I still plan on at least volunteering my voice to raise consciousness about this tragedy, and to solicit help and support beyond the brief period of newsworthiness afforded to the people of Haiti this week.

To volunteer funds, clothing, medical supplies, and/or time to the NEGES Foundation, please contact Ms. Gateau via email: p y o 1 [a t] a o l [d o t] c o m.

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Michael said...


I'm the business partner and friend of both Yoleine and James. Found your blog while looking for info on Leogane. Glad to have found it even under these difficult circumstances. Name is Michael. Originally from St. Aug but live in China.

I'd like to get in contact. You can email me at

Hope to here from you soon.

Take Care.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this Fly Brother, I am continuing to raise awareness via Facebook, twitter and my own blog

I have to get my bearings back today as I am not sure what to do next.

Our prayers go out to Haiti and especially those hit the hardest.

Ashwin said...


I work in NYC at a clean or "green" technology fund.

I want to fly to Haiti and help out and was wondering if I could join NEGES, you or any other group/association to help first-hand! While rebuilding, hopefully we can provide some insight to earthquake proof building, LEED concepts, and producing and consuming energy off the grid. The company Eveready produces an LED lantern that has had wide scale adoption in replacing kerosene lamps in India, I'm going to reach out to them to see if they are willing to donate.

Please let me know how I can help!



Fly Brother said...

Brandi: Whatever I can do to help!

Michael and Ashwin: Look for emails to each of you later today. Thanks for commenting and welcome!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is kevin. I'm 16 years old and I cannot stand by in our "perfect" country and do nothing. I would really like to fly down to Haiti and help in any way possible, even if I cannot fly down there I want to help somehow. PLEASE message me back at

Ill be waiting, thanks.

Anonymous said...

My name is Anna-Marie
Ive been looking into ways to help the people of Haiti for a few years now, flying out and doing hands on work...As I am 18 I know I can go

If you could help me figure out what I could do if I flew out there that would be great

Im a very well rounded person and able to do alot. I have worked with special needs chlidren my whole life. Worked with disadvantaged children. Am majoring in Education. Am a hard worker, a quick learner, a photographer and a writer

email me please


Blackgirl On Mars said...

Great that you are doing your part. The project sounds interesting and just say the word and I will do my part...

Jmoney said...

Hello Fly brother I am a 24 year old business owner out of SLC, UT I am very interested in assisting. Whether that is here in Utah or out there. I am able to put together events or even get some people together that can come out and assist hands on. Please let me know what me and my company can do. My email is


Fly Brother said...

Thanks for offering your help, guys. I'll email you individually.

BGOM: Thanks for stopping thru! I gotta get back to checking you on the regular. Happy New Year!

NARGIS said...

my wife and i would like to fly to Haiti and do some hands on work. Please email me on with any ways you think woudl help me with this.
thank you

good marketing and design said...

I would also like to fly there and help - I think I can pull off a 3-4 week trip. PLEASE email me

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Calen Settles and I am part of a non-profit cALLED LESpwA for haiti. we are heading toward Haiti for spring break to help at orphanages and also help the community in Gracie. Do you all still help people to Haiti because currently i do not have enough fund. could anyone help? my email is