Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fly Favorites: January 2010

Designer Tyler Thompson spruces up the boring-ass boarding pass.

Matador Trips' photo essay "Big Cities Under Snow" knocks 'em dead with wintry wonder.

Vagablogging outlines a few unexpected Carnival options, should Rio, New Orleans, or Venice strike you as old hat.

wejetset's city notes lets you add to or take away inspired urban insights from global cities.
The New York Times scopes out Colombian colonial treasure Villa de Leyva (Remembered it! Wrote it down! Took the picture [above]!).

"Disgraced" Lonely Planeteer "Thomas Kohnstamm" lists "Nine Subversive Travel Books" on World Hum. Don't miss the "argument" in the comments section on "monolingual, white Americans." ;-)

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