Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fly Brother Podcast Premiere: Let's Get Lifted

I told y'all it was coming. In the debut episode of the Fly Brother Podcast:

Who Is Fly Brother?
Behind the Haiti Earthquake
Why Be Fly?
Getting Your Walking Papers

1. "Prelude"/"Let's Get Lifted" - John Legend
2. "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" - Dionne Warwick
3. "Lakou Trankil" - BélO
4. "Paris Tokyo Remix" - Lupe Fiasco f/Pharrell, Q-Tip, & Sarah Green
5. "Adore" (Fly Brother Theme Song) - I:Cube

Download, relax, and get lifted.

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'47 Ranch Dressing said...

Nice, Fly! Makes me wanna. Can't wait for the website. Something more to look forward to on the 1st & 15th. Cheers and Thanks.

Fly Brother said...

47 Ranch: Happy New Year! It's been a minute. Thanks for listening; any thoughts, comments, suggestions?

'47 Ranch Dressing said...


May I say it was perfect? Thoughtful, from a place of experience, and from the heart? I especially loved the commentary on Brooks' op-ed and your "Why Be Fly" essay. It reminds me of staying up all night with the sun at a sidewalk cafe at High Summer (June 21) in Oslo, or shopping for rare, pristine, (the thick stuff, not the flimsy stuff) 33 rpm jazz albums at The Wave in Tokyo.

Don't get me wrong - I love Rick Steves too, but your show - and your writing - just *sends* me.

All the best of luck in your new venture.

Fly Brother said...

Wow, Ranch...I don't even know what to say other than many, many thanks! The bar has been set, I guess, LOL.

Lauren said...

Really enjoyed the podcast and the music blended well with all the segments. It had some good commentary and info.
I used to do the same thing with travel centers when I was younger. lol
Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next one.

Anonymous said...


Phenomenal podcast! Your commentary on on the NYT artice and Haitian history are on point.

I loved your music selections; the way they're weaved in reminds of a public radio talk show only hipper.

Looking forward to future episode.