Wednesday, June 9, 2010

VTP: India

This post is part of a monthly series of eye candy at Fly Brother, imaginatively named VTP (short for Vintage Travel Posters). We'll see how travel companies and bureaus have been enticing people off the couch since international leisure travel first became a bourgeois conceit. Few places stimulate the imagination for better or worse than India, though travel posters seem to have focused primarily on elephants, the Taj Mahal, and multi-armed Hindu deities to sell a continent-sized country full of over a thousand languages and just as many cultures. Still, the colorful, detailed designs make up for the lack of thematic ideas.

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Tiana said...

NICE! I love vintage posters! When will you be in Southeast Asia? I have been living in Vietnam for the past 2 months. check out my blog:

Fly Brother said...

Don't think I'll be back that way for a while; when you headed South America way? Must be amazing still being at the forefront of the opening of Vietnam. Will definitely add you to the blogroll.

-Fly Bro

brian said...

Great posters!
England to India in 6 days?? As much as we complain, imagine 6 days in the air, landing to refuel and eat, in the air again. Air travel has really progressed.

Anonymous said...

Love your VTP posts!

Fly Brother said...

Brian: Thanks, dude! I guess six days isn't much compared to a three-week sea voyage, but that must have been agony (especially stopping in dry, dusty places like Iraq, with no A/C).

Passport: Thanks a lot. I enjoy digging up these old posters, so stay tuned.

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harry john said...

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