Tuesday, June 15, 2010

80 Years in the A

Y'all wasn't exactly expectin' a pitcher a'Mammy, wuzya?

Eighty years ago this week, Monroe, Louisiana-based Delta Air Lines began serving Atlanta Airport with one daily nonstop to Birmingham. From that skimpy hop over the state line, Delta has developed ATL into the world's largest airline hub, with nonstop flights to over 80 international destinations and who-knows-how-many domestic cities (well, Wikipedia probably knows, but...). In fact, it's because of Delta that whether you're going to Heaven or Hell, you'll have to change planes at ATL.

A large part of the reason I like Delta (theoretically, anyway) is because of its commitment to Atlanta, a Southern city that, for all its faults, has always been much more progressive than the region to which it belongs, no doubt a positive consequence of its connections to the rest of the world. Likewise, Southern culture gets exported as well, from the unrefined graciousness of the cleaning ladies in the terminal to the gleam of the TSA agent's gold toothmy home culture, for better or worse. Oh, and there's also that Chick-fil-A in Concourse A.

You can read more about Delta and the A at the airline's blog. Meanwhile, in honor of Delta's 80th anniversary at the doubly-named Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, I leave you with Atlanna's own OutKast and their Southern Gothic classic, "Ms. Jackson," probably filmed right down US-19 from the airpert itself. For real.

Fly Brother
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Frenchie said...

Good Lord, there is nothing more than I hate Delta. I hate them more than I hate Nazis! I've had so many bad experiences with the airline that I'm convinced they are running some type of prank reality show! Surely there services can not REALLY be THAT bad!? are they run by space chimps?!

Fly Brother said...

LOL, that's the same question I have for another airline, which shall remain unnamed, that I absolutely loathe with every fiber of my being. But like everything, it's based on my own personal experience. I've flown Delta a lot, and have had from good to less-than-average service, but never bad service. That's just me, tho (keep in mind, I've flown on some pretty sketchy carriers in my days, so my expectations just might be low, hehe).

International Swagger said...

Your article is on point I especially love how the Atlanta Airport pays homage to important African Americans and Atlanta/Southern Culture Culture...especially the mural when coming up to baggae claim http://www.deborahwhitehouse.com/spiritofAtlanta.html...I've heard some people being disgusted by it...for reasons I really don't know. They probably wouldnt blink and eye If "Becky" was the main character being depicted.

Also can't forget about The MLK photo exhibit on concourse E, Maynard Jackson hyphenated named airport and southern murals in the Terminal Train connector and in International Arrivals in customs.

Thanks God Maynard Jackson had the foresight to take Atlanta aka "The City Too Busy To Hate" with pro-business atmosphere and Delta Airlines to new levels by making Atlanta the go to city in the sunbelt region! Viva HeartJack!

Fly Brother said...

Swag: Thanks for pointing out the exhibits at ATL. LOL @ "Viva HeartJack!"

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