Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fly Brother Podcast Season Finale - Season 1, Episode 10: São Paulo - Scratch & Sniff

In this, the season finale of the Fly Brother Podcast:

São Paulo: Scratch & Sniff

"Homenagem a Barra Funda" – Julgados Culpados
"A Noite Sem Fim" – Suba (Background)
"Lagoa Pinheiros" – Suba
"Um Dia Comum (Em SP)" – Suba (Background)
"São Paulo" – Morcheeba / From "A Life Worth Living" – Vikter Duplaix

Links mentioned in this podcast [in English unless denoted with (P) for Portuguese]:
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Official City of São Paulo Site -
Total São Paulo -

Capim Santo - (P)
Escola de Samba Vai-Vai - (P)
Livraria Cultura - (P)
MASP - (P)
Mercado Municipal Paulistano - (P)
Museu AfroBrasil - (P)
Pinacoteca do Estado - (P)

Kamaroty Music - (P)
Diquinta - (P)
The Week International - (P)
Julgados Culpados - (P)
Suba -

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