Monday, May 31, 2010

Fly Favorites: May 2010

This phat-ass image by ESCOBAS.

See who's artistically reppin' your hood at Cit/ID.

A Brother in Sweden profiles the Noo Awlins Indians (thas hah we say it in Flawda).

Der Spiegel highlights "May Day Riot Tourism in Berlin" while the Economist covers Germany's French-like attempt to save its language from that gaudy party-crasher, English.

Dhani Jones is back tackling the globe Mondays on the Travel Channel (does this fool ever wear shirts?).

Using "The Beautiful Hortense" and Chihuahuan Mennonites to appropriately describe place at Cuaderno Inédito.

Fall for the next installment in the Cities of Love film series: Rio, Eu Te Amo (here's hoping it's more like the sparkling Paris, Je t'aime and less like the Wonder Bread NY edition; I want to love this movie).

Fly photographs and classy culture from the Motherland on Out and About Africa.

The current time in Paris, brought to you by funky Franco-Japanese timepiece, Uniqlock.

Resurrecting the Miami Herald's award-winning series on Afro-Latin America.

The hoof-stompin', devil-worshippin' Satanique Samba Trio (click "Imperialist Pigs" for the English site, LOL).

Fly Brother
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Anonymous said...


Fly Girl said...

Well I'm reppin' Florida's Fernandina Beach by way of Amelia Island, by way of American Beach!

Shannon said...

I'm super excited about Rio, Te Amo. And I agree about it being more like the Paris one. I finally got around to watching these last week and wondered if they would do a city in Brazil.

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