Sunday, April 4, 2010

Photo Essay: The Ass-Crack of Dawn in Brasilia (Coincidentally, the exact time I have to be up for work).

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the international said...

Incidentally, how are you finding Brasilia so far? I am about to head to Brazil soon for a couple of months, and I plan to go all over the place, but Brasilia never really features in travel guides and to be honest it never even entered my head as a place to go to for a visit.

Is it Brazil's equivalent of Australia's Canberra i.e. a boring, administrative capital city?

Morar said...


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Fly Brother said...

International: I wouldn't go out of my way to visit Brasilia unless I was a die-hard architecture and urban planning fan. That being said, how can any city of over a couple million Brazilians be boring? Sure, it's not Rio, Salvador, or Sao Paulo, but there's plenty of people here from those places and abroad, so there's always something going on: a party, an embassy event, a concert. My circle of friends is growing and I have fun every weekend. Definitely a great place to live, if not visit.

Meredith said...