Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fly Favorites: April 2010

Faux-WWII posters for the fly-ass crib at Urban Bazaar Posters.

The New York Times on why French is indeed not an endangered language.

Jetrosexual expat Kiratiana helps deserving web designer Denise Jacobs get to Londontowne.

National Geographic Traveler offers a heart-tugging treatise on the goodbyes of travel.

NoDebtWorldTravel insists you shake off the Haterade and hit the road.

To the East: peep the Asia issue of Black Expat Magazine.

Fellow Florida A&M University alums Andrea and Teri go crazysexycool abroad at

's "Five In-Flight Things That Will Remain Free From Hidden Airline Fees" (for now).

Kick it in Paris or Costa Rica with the Black Atlas traveler sweepstakes.

Kelly of Travellious on "Why You Should Always Have a Trip Planned." Amen.

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Anonymous said...

i trust everything will be fine. bless you!........................................

harry john said...

Wow! One of your best looks!! A true inspiration!

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