Monday, March 8, 2010

Photo Essay: Crossing the Amazon by Air


A work of art.

Yes, the current local time was indeed 5:34AM.

Dawn in Dade County.

Fatigue setting in.

Uma garotinha...awwwwww.

Ole Man River.

The Mis'sippi ain't got nuthin on this.

Not exactly ATL.

The river runs through it (the dark water on the left is from a separate tributary that merges with the Amazon at Manaus).




Thunderous dusk over the capital (yes, it took that long to get there).

Arriving at BSB.

Can't get any more Brazilian than that.

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Anonymous said...

Glad that you've landed safely!

Hey, just found this other wonderful blog called Almost Fearless.
I think that you should look at this post and tell me what you think. Is is true?

Of course you will find out when you have your set up, set up.

Bisous and Welcome to Brazil!!!!!!

'Drea said...

Very nice photo montage.

Ali la Loca said...

Very cool. It seems you flew over the "encontro das águas" which is actually where the Amazon technically begins. The dark water is the Rio Negro and the light water is the Rio Solimões; where they join and swirl together is the start of the Rio Amazonas.

Fly Brother said...

Felicia: I still need to check that link.

Drea: Many thanks!

Loca: I knew one was the Rio Negro, but I had no idea about the other. Now I know!!! :-)