Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fly Brother Podcast - Season 1, Episode 5: Lady Travel Bloggers and Around the World by Couch

In this episode of the Fly Brother Podcast:

Celebrating Women's History Month with Lady Travel Bloggers
CouchSurfing Your Way Around the World

"Aquarela do Brasil"/"Nêga do Cabelo Duro - Elis Regina
"Une Very Stylish Fille" - Dimitri from Paris
"Reach the Sky" - Eddy Meets Yannah

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Nikita said...

Awww!! Thanks for the shout-out, Fly Brother!! :-)
Even though you tryna hate on a sista's name change... LOL

Felicia said...

See! You made me smile again! Don't have me catching feelings now! Ha!
Thank you OhsoFlyBrother! Love the song!

Bisous mon grand!

Felicia S.

Fly Brother said...