Friday, November 6, 2009

Photo Essay: The Faces of the Taj

So, enough personal foolishness; back to the trip:

Following what most guidebooks recommend, I hit the Taj Mahal (attractively pronounced "Taj Mel" by the locals) a little after dawn, before the balmy air in the ancient military city of Agra thickened to a hearty stew of celestial heat and earthy odors. It was tough not getting people into the shots, considering every other gringo seemed to follow the same guidebook advice. Still, I managed to capture an infantesimal degree of the wonder and awe induced by early morning sunlight striking a structure as magnificently designed as the Taj, a confection of marble as intricately woven as lace. Indeed a monument to eternal love. Enjoy.

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Tusker Baridi said...

Wow! you're good with a camera.I cant wait for Copacabana beach pics.

Audrey said...

I know this might possibly be an ignorant or too personal question, but how do you find the means to travel so frequently? I would love to just get up and go, but I never have the means to do so.

I came to your blog a little while ago thru "Black Girl in Prague".

Lenox Ave said...

Great photos and the Taj looks as lovely as I've always imagined.