Sunday, November 1, 2009

Destination: Brasília

Yesterday, I accepted a job with a high school in Brasília, the famously-planned capital of Brazil, starting in January. No, it's not São Paulo, my favoritest city, but I'm pleased with the move for several reasons:
  • It's still Brazil and most of the 2.6 million people, Brazilians.
  • I'll have a steady paycheck, immediately, with bonuses and an apartment included.
  • I'll have my two months in the summer and month at Christmas for travel.
  • I'll have much less social activity to distract me from writing.
  • There are 91 embassies and 9 major universities in the city—there will still be a social life and plenty of cultural activities.
  • I can fly to São Paulo in 90 minutes, dozens of times a day (I see monthly raids to SP in my future).
  • There are daily nonstops to Lisbon and Atlanta.
  • After a couple years, it will provide me the financial cushion to write full-time.

So...Brasília it is. Holla!

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Kevin said...

LOL OK head continuing to spin...Congratulations!

Kevin said...
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Cynthia said...

Sounds like fun! Congrats!

'Drea said...

Congrats. Sounds like a good gig.

MzTravelDiva said...

Congrats! Looking forward to reading about your adventures in Brasilia!

Nikita said...

that's awesome!! one of my good friends actually worked at the american school of brasilia for 2 years and loved it! how did you find the job? and so quick?!?! dang you don't waste any time :-)

p.s.: im definitely coming to visit! always wanted to go to brasil!

American Black Chick in Europe said...

Congrats! Like Nikita I'm amazed at how quickly you found a job. May I suggest writing a post for all of us pseudo/wanna-be expats on how you landed a job in another country so quickly?

Fly Girl said...

Fly Bro, it sounds like a really great situation. You're right, it's still Brazil. As for distractions, not to sure that you'll be able to avoid them, even in Brasilia..

Stacy said...

SOO great!! Tough decision but it was a choice between Brazil and Germany-- either way you couldn't go wrong! Can't wait to hear how it goes! :)

American Black Chick in Europe said...

This isn't related to your post, but I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blogger award :-D.

Tusker Baridi said...

Good choice.

Brasil is surely going places and might just achieve its goal of being the greatest country on earth.

With a booming economy, the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, expect good things from Brasil.

Congrats on your job.

Fly Brother said...

Kevin: Thanks a lot, dude. Yours isn't the only head spinning. Ask my mom!

Cynthia, Drea, and Diva: I appreciate the love, ladies.

Nikita: Anytime you want, roll dawg.

ABCE: Strictly chance. I happened to be in need of a job when the school needed an employee. I also happened to speak to a friend who just happened to turn down a job in Brazil in order to go to grad school. So it all worked out! And thanks for the nomination!

Fly Girl: You know how Brazil is; the distractions will find me ;-)

Stacy: Thanks a lot! Where are you now? Paris? NYC?

Tusker: Obrigado, irmao. When's your blog coming online again?

Stacy said...

I'm living in Rome now actually! Moved here almost 2 months ago from Paris... but I'll be back in New York by Christmas. Not sure if I'll go back to Europe in the New Year (I hope, I hope!), it just depends on finances, apt situation, etc. We'll see! :)

kwerekwere said...

hm. it seems you will be there long enough for me to get there. this is a good thing. lay some tracks for me.

maybe i'll come to brazil after my 120 day sentence in pennsylbama rather than return to senegal. on verra.

everything is up in the air i guess until the olympics; after the olympics, you need to stay in brazil and work me a contact or two in ceara. not only am i finished with snow, i'm finished with rain, too.

Ali la Loca said...

Que notícia maravilhosa! Parabéns, my friend. Can't wait to hear how it all unfolds.

I was in Brasília back in 1998 (hardly seems possible it was that long ago) as part of a month-long bus trip around the country. I had a visit to the Templo da Paz that changed my life a bit. My one and only tattoo comes from that experience...

Boa sorte com tudo!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

congrats on the new job. that is fantastic news!