Friday, September 4, 2009

The Ubiquitous Fly Brother

As the Beatnuts say, "there's no escaping this:" I'm everywhere, folks. Over the last few months, I've been interviewed or asked to submit text and photos to a couple of travel- and culture-related websites either in anticipation of my big trip, or relating to my time in Colombia. Three features went live this week:

Down-home jet-setter, Brooklyn girl, and Lonely Planeteer Anja Mutic solicited a slice of Fly Brother's life in Colombia for her blog, Ever the Nomad:

[In Bogotá,] altitude and frequent rainy cloud cover conspire to keep temperatures hovering in the 50s and 60s. Colombia's equatorial latitude ensures the city a Frigidaire-like ambiance year-round; ergo its national nickname, La Nevera, “the refrigerator.” With heating systems being a luxury, most houses have barely more than a fireplace to keep things hot; my old apartment in Bogotá's historic district was situated in a drafty, Iberian-style colonial home, built with an interior courtyard intended to cool the structure in toasty Spanish summers but only served to suck out what little body heat I could muster in the Andean heights. Click here for the entire piece.

Expatriate Americans Adrianne George and Reginald Smith of the quarterly online magazine, Black Expat, interviewed me in the spring about permanent wanderlust and my then-current position molding the minds of future Colombian leaders in Barranquilla:

Describe your first trip abroad.
My first trip abroad was a six-week foreign exchange home-stay in Sweden in 1994, organized by Youth for Understanding International Exchange. I spent five weeks with one family in the far north of the country, a place of midnight sun, deadly mosquitos, and stewed reindeer called Råneå. My last week was spent in the capital, Stockholm, where I was first exposed to the wonders of European topless bathing. I was but a mere sixteen years of age. Continue reading here.

Lastly, photojournalist Lola Akinmade of Geotraveler's Niche and the Matador Travel Network was so inspired by my Fly Packing abilities that she asked to republish my luggage photo-odyssey on the Matador Goods blog. Check that out here.

Many thanks to these good people for highlighting a brother on their sites, and thanks to all y'all for reading and inspiring me to write.

Fly Brother welcomes your views. If this post hit the spot, please comment and/or click.


kwerekwere said...

you know, i really need to get better at writing this stuff down.

you're in stockholm, and i'm having flashbacks to the last time i was there.... which is definitely blogworthy. maybe i'll find the time and energy to post about it once you've posted about stockholm this time around...

Anonymous said...

Nice list of guest posts Fly Bro! Keep it up.

khw said...

great to see you get the props! hugs from Bta

Fly Girl said...

Sounds like a strong start!

Fly Brother said...

Kwere: Post, post, post!

No Debt, Katy, and Fly: Many thanks for the support!