Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Packing a Lot of Crap into Two Small Bags: A Photographic Journey

Dateline: Jacksonville, my 15-year-old brother's room (which I have commandeered for the two months I've been home). With the help of Fly Mother and some Zip-Lock bags, I'm all packed for three months on the road. Observe:

That would be: One dress shirt and a pair of khakis, some jeans, 6 pair of draws, four pair of socks, 3 white tees, swim trunks, gym shorts, four short-sleeve t-shirts, two long-sleeve tees, and a pair of size-13 loafers.


Gracias, Mamita!

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Anonymous said...

You are too cute and smart for words!
I'm so gonna do this. Did you air pack these? You know what I'm talking about!


Felicia, This Time in Seoul

Anonymous said...

That is how you pack FB! You'll save a ton of cash not having to check any bags.

'Drea said...

You have packing down to a science.

Mamita looks calm and grounded...

kwerekwere said...

i remember doing the socks and underwear in shoes; they also fit really nicely in jean pockets. :)

so will things that you buy on your trek around the world be shipped via fedex to brazil or to florida or will you just tell the people you meet up with at every place you see to hold on to them until you are settled in brazil? i don't see you traveling around the world and only having passport stamps and photos on your laptop to show for it.

you're going to dc to get all of your visas sorted?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love it!!

Would it be okay for me to reprint this photo essay on Matador Goods? (I'm the editor)

Lemme know at


Nikita said...

Awesome!! I'm not even gonna tell you how much I brought with me to Hong Kong... eek!
I love the photo with you sprawled out on the bed with your clothes and the pic with your items lined up neatly row by row. I've been in Asia about a week and am settling in...Be sure to hit up a sista when you get to HK!

Erin said...

You're my travel hero

Kelly said...

I love it. You are a packing ninja, but I'm totally giving you crap for the Rick Steves-esque money pouch.

Fly Brother said...

Felicia: I squeezed those damn Zip-Lock bags until they clung to the contents like Saran Wrap. Thanks for the compliment!

No Debt: No baggage fees is right! Though I may get sick of rotating the same shirts every couple of days. Don't expect to see much variety in my pics.

Drea: Mamita is 71 and done seen it all!

Kwere: Unless folks "put in" on the souvenirs, they'll be lucky to get a postcard. Whatever I do buy, I'll probably send it home in the last location of each continent (or from LA).

Geotrav: Done! And thanks!

Nikita: You will indeed be hit up, my sister. How is HK so far?

Erin: ;-)

Kelly: LOL...but I bought it at Flight 001. I thought it was kind of cool, but now that I'm getting clowned for it, I might have to downsize.

Thanks for the comments, all!

Kevin said...

Hey man - just found you through Andy and love the blog... especially that pack job! I'm about 3 weeks from doing an 11-month RTW trip with my wife, and our packs our borderline from being able to carry-on. Should've read this post first!

Enjoy the trip, I'll be sure to follow the blog and compare notes.

Fel J. Cruz said...

One of the most indispensable pieces of luggage I now own is a ZÜCA sport bag. I was able to pack several weeks worth of clothing and travel accouterments in the bag and dragged it all over the UK and France with barely any effort. Best of all it allowed me to sit where there were no benches or seats. Coupled with your packing techniques, I could probably pack a year's worth of stuff.

Thanks for the visual tutorial!

kwerekwere said...

lol @ rick steves-esque money pouch.

it could be worse. he could be wearing socks and sandals -- which is perfectly fine, [insert german joke here].

i'm really missing dc right now. make sure you stop at sweet mango, around the corner from where i used to live -- i'm really missing some curry goat.

[duh, i forget you used to live around the corner from me. lol]