Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chi-Town Surprise

From my unplanned, surprise weekend in Chicago—architectural gem and friendly metropolis:


Michael-Christopher said...

Very nice pix, E! Looks like you're havin' fun!

'Drea said...

You even think about planes while you're on the ground, hunh?

Nice pics. I like the angled shots.

I've never seen anyone wear a helmet while on a Segway. I think Roseanne was right; the helmets are just to catch your brains if you have an accident.

Fly Brother said...

I appreciate the compliments...I'm trying to improve my "technique" (whatever that is). Yes, Drea, I'm jet obsessed. And in Chicago, they're all over the place, all day, every day. I know Chicago comes in second to Atlanta in terms of busiest airports, but ATL's planes come in over the suburbs - ORD's right over Downtown!