Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fly Favorites: May 2009

This month, I've run across several interesting Internet items that I thought I'd share with you, my dear readers, starting with:
Photo uploaded by CitySkip
  • A bittersweet homage to New York (Fuckin') City's bad ol' days of the 70s at Vanity Fair.
  • The world's crappiest flights, hotels, meals, and toilets razzed by noted travel personalities over at the Titanic Awards.
Photo by fadogirl
  • The English meanings of place names like Malibu, Chicago, and Lake Tahoe (plus fun-to-say places like Chattanooga, Okeechobee, Tuscaloosa, and Idaho-Udaho-which-one-is-a-state?) with National Geographic's interactive map, Native Names. Bet you can't find which names mean "person of dirty water," "let's have intercourse," or "falling hair."
  • Aerial views of the concrete swirls of Spaghetti Junctions, Mix Masters, Mixing Bowls, and Hillside Stranglers from around the world, featured at wejetset.
  • America's Next Top Model coverage of fashion in Brazil's biggest burg, favela-style, and the funky new English-language print and virtual travel guide to my favoritest city on Urf, Total São Paulo, which debuts with hot-spot reviews and a salacious call girl interview (kudos to TSP for 'going there' with what most people, myself included, love about Brazil...the sex!).
  • Bogotá's Sunday-morning ritual of bike-riding, roller-blading, and general promenading through high-altitude streets in Streetfilms' ten-minute short, Bogotá Ciclovia. This makes me miss living in the Colombian capital.
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Brandie said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! Glad you enjoyed the post! Also, read your article on Travellious...looks like you won't be able to make it to D.C. this summer?

Fly Brother said...

On the contrary...I'll be in DC for a few days towards the end of August. Where will you be?

Nikita said...

Ohmigosh Fly Brother!!!

Just read your article on Travellious... Amazing amazing amazing!! You know, you are sooo right, just gotta live life. I think that's why I'm ditching everything and moving to Hong Kong; sheeeeeit, to use your words, I am young, gifted, and Black, and need to use it all to my advantage and travel NOW while I have the dividends and good health to make it happen.

So let's talk business. I see you have KL on your itinerary. Are you definitely coming to HK then? When exactly?

As well, when will you be in Europe exactly? I was actually looking at tickets for Istanbul or Stockholm, July 10- 15 no word of a lie... Maybe I can be your travel buddy? I am serious.

Fly Brother said...

Nikita, I posted my prelim itinerary today. Europe will be at the beginning of September, while Hong Kong will be mid-October (you should be good 'n settled in your new spot by then).

Let me know what you think.