Friday, March 13, 2009

Cubano Libre

This month, the brief but insightful CNN program "My City My Life" follows brotherman and ballet phenom, Carlos Acosta, around his beloved Havana. Having been forced into ballet by his father as a way to keep him out of trouble, Acosta wound up being the first black principal dancer in the London Royal Ballet, followed by a starring role at the Bolshoi. In this short clip from the special, he intones the musicality and flow of the everyday Cuban's walk, labeled esoterically by Cuban novelist Antonio Benítez-Rojo as "a certain kind of way."

(I love the group of men arguing about sports and politics in the park around 3:00; from the barbershop to the park to the church picnic...there we are.)

Click here to learn more about Fly Brother Carlos Acosta, "My City My Life", and the beautiful Caribbean queen, Havana.


Fly Girl said...

Havana is where I want to go next, before the Castro bros are gone and a new era kicks in. I love this video, very vibrant. Oh, and I fixed the type on my sidebars just so you can read them!

Ms. Wooden Shoes said...

I'm trying to figure out how to get there. I hope Obama makes that possible soon. BTW, Fly Brother, I'm a "fly sister". Check out my

Fly Brother said...

Fly...Let me know when you're thinking about the trip and I'll put you in contact with some folks there.

Ms. Shoes...Welcome! I will definitely check out your spot.

Catherine said...

I have seen Acosta on stage and he was pretty electrifying ( and just pretty too!!)

Fly Brother said...

Catherine, the brother can jump, can't he?! Thanks for commenting.