Friday, September 5, 2008

Making an International Ass of Myself...

...last summer on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, butchering the beautiful Portuguese lyrics to Tom Jobim's iconic "Samba do Avião" (crudely translated as "Jet Plane Samba"):

Gringos cantam no Yahoo! Vídeo

This is how it really go, complete with opening prayer to the Orishas for safe passage into Rio:


Anonymous said...

Hey Brotha' Man!

So wonderful to see you out here in the world representin' Black men who travel to the fullest!
So rare, so rare!
I've been traveling since I was twenty. My first country was Sweden because I fell in love with a sweet Sweden who rocked my world! Ha! Still a great guy!
Lived there for 4 years, Paris, France for 5 years and Korea for one year. I'm back in Korea photographing (I'm a photographer) and writing my first book. I figure it's now that I must step out on faith and create something of my very own and work for self. Been all over Europe and two countries in Asia. I am so fascinated about living in Argentina and definitely learning Portugese in Brazil. I hope that I'll learn a lot about South America by reading your blog. Who knows, that could be my next stop.

Keep blogging! I really like your writing.
Ciao Bello!

P.S. Thank you for listing my blog on your website. Just discovered yours 15 minutes ago. You're definitely going to be on mine now.


geotraveler said...

Haha :) That was classic!

Been reading through and enjoying your posts!

Lola (geotraveler)

Joia said...

YAY!!!! A black man exploring the world! I really like your writing style, and like Felicia, I appreciate you listing my blog on your roll. I'll be sure to add you...can't wait to get to South America again! I've only been to Venezuela once when I was 15 but it was 3 weeks of heaven! Since then, I've lived in Mexico and Paris (both for study abroad programs) traveled around Europe some, and now finishing up my year in Korea. I'm really just returning home to get my Master's then I'm sure I'll be out stomping the world again! :) But I look forward to reading all about your adventures!! :)

Take care!!


Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - hilarious! No, really - hilarious! Cute...but definitely hilarious.

Kevin said...

aww you did a good job. melhor do que muitos brasileiros poderiam viu

Soldier said...

Awwww a C-L-A-S-S-I-C.

I miss u, goofball.