Saturday, September 20, 2008

Generation Fly - For Fly Students

Originally uploaded by Payuta Louro
A few months ago, über-chic German airline Lufthansa unveiled its plucky, student-oriented travel website, Generation Fly, which offers special student (and faculty) fares out of New York and other gateways on their expansive global route system. Now, they've upped the ante and are offering the chance to meet and interact with fellow young and nubile collegiate travelers via their slick new social networking site, GenFly Lounge. To keep random dirty old men from defiling the co-eds, an email address with the suffix .edu is required to become a member. Any of my university-affiliated readers willing to join and review the site? The panoramic photos on the homepage make me want to dive through the computer screen. Why didn't these bastids have this thing up and running back when I was in school?


Natarsha said...

Thanks for the info. It is good to know!

pink gloves said...

lol @ them not having it when you were in School. Lol.
Sounds like a great site. Uhm excuse my ignorance, but do schools de activate ur email account when u graduate? hmmph.

Thank God for Student IDs though, cause i am still waving mine around to get student discounts 5 yrs Post Grad.
Nice Blog.

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - gotta love a good deal, right?

Fly Brother said...

Natarsha - I'm here to help!

Pink Gloves - If your school handle linked to an external email account (like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc), you might still be able to use it. I can't remember any of my grad school email passwords...something I should investigate.

Darius - Inexpensively (I hate the word "cheap") is the only way to go, my man.

Soldier said...

I ran to give my sister the good news, and of course when she checked..... it's not accessible from Canada, it's just for US students

BOOOOOO !!!!!! (thumbs down)


Fly Girl said...

Well this is the most valuable tip I've had all week! I'm an adjunct journalism professor and discounts are always good! Thanks for the tip!