Monday, December 21, 2009

From the AV Room: Late Night Underground

Yeah, there are rats, service disruptions, drunken old men, drunken young women, and the pungent odor of pee, but dammit, the New York City subway runs 24/7. And I mean the whole system, not just a couple of train lines here or there. In the city that never sleeps (an oft-quoted untruth), the 24-hour bars and 24-hour diners and 24-hour pharmacies and 24-hour gyms and 24-hour Apple Store remain connected by underground rail. The late night trains that stop at each station don't convey the same warp-speed urgency of the express trains that race underneath the grid of Manhattan at ten blocks a minute, but the lower number of riders means available seats and fewer obstacles when rushing through the maze-like transfer stations.

There's also the loopier entertainment; at midnight, you not only get the drummers and the guitarists and accordion players, you get to see punchy folks getting jiggy like this in the subway:

Late Night Underground from Fly Brother on Vimeo.

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Adam said...

I've always said, if you want to see the "real" New York, don't climb to the highest building. Go underground. See the infrastructure. There's beauty in the dirt.

Fly Brother said...

Very well said, Adam.

alex said...

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