Friday, July 24, 2009

Three Months, Six Continents, Three-Point-Five Grand

Through a combination of one-time tip-offs and dogged research, the universe (and the economy) conspired in my favor to send me traipsing round the Urf this fall with the following ticket prices:

Jacksonville → Baltimore - $88
New York → Dublin - $234
Dublin → London - $48
London → Stockholm - $90
Stockholm → Berlin - $13
Berlin → Istanbul - $68
Istanbul → Cairo - $248
Cairo → Abu Dhabi → Mumbai - $370
Delhi → Kuala Lumpur - $197
Kuala Lumpur Macau - $85
Kuala Lumpur → Los Angeles - $630 (business class)
Los Angeles Sydney - $651
Los Angeles → São Paulo → Orlando - $740

Plus several other bus and train trips and short flights = US$3500

Actually, you can get a cheaper round-the-world ticket from specialized agencies like Airtreks or Air Brokers, which allow changes in routing and scheduling for a year, or you could pay a bit more and have a slew of stops on multiple continents with an airline alliance such as oneworld, but a) I ain't have all the money at one time, b) I needed to add a wide-open Brazil flight to the end of the trip (I arrive in Sampa on November 20 and head back to Florida for my brother's wedding next April), and c) what got me on my way was that business class trans-Pacific flight.

Even if you don't have a month off from work or three grand to spend on some grandiose neo-Grand Tour, the ridiculous cost of airplane tickets these days prove that international travel is not a millionaire's game; there's no reason not to pop over for a weekend somewhere that requires a passport.

Check the websites I mentioned here and get packing.


Amber said...

I'm extremely excited for you. I totally agree that everyone should experience international travel. I plan to travel the world probably beginning the end of next year. Be safe, and I look forward to reading more about of your blog during your travels.

Anonymous said...

I'm excitted too and I'm not going anywhere! You're a BEAST Mr. FlyBrotha! I don't know how you managed to get this all together.

Ali la Loca said...

I'm just dying at how much you paid for business class. Seu sortudo!!

Anyhow, I saw this article this morning and thought 1) of you, and 2) of Santa Teresa, in Rio.

What's your take?


Anonymous said...

You got some great deals FB! I've been preaching for folks to get out there and see the world for a while now. Your cost total is more proof of that.

Anonymous said...

Excellent deals indeed!
Safe travels

narender said...

New York Flights

Fly Brother said...

Hey folks...thanks for the comments. I owe you all some reading time on your blogs.

Ali: Thanks for the article; I used to hang out in La Maracena all the time - that "Zona M" crap, I never heard during my entire four years of living in Colombia. I'll email you more.

Anonymous said...

I may have to hire you as my own personal travel agent. What say ye?

Felicia, This Time in Seoul