Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Global Juke Joint: Nat Geo Music

I don't know when the hell National Geographic's world music cable channel, Nat Geo Music, started airing, but from the moment I caught a glimpse this weekend, I've been addicted. So long CrackNewsNetwork!

Flyest Lyrics:

Flyest Video:

Flyest Collaboration:

Fly Brother
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Fly Girl said...

Nice Cape Verdean/Portuguese theme! These are some of my fave singers.

Ali la Loca said...

Oooh - I love, love, love Sara Tavares. Especially the song "Bom Feeling". Her album is great, if you happen to run across it.

I've been swamped lately - it's nice to catch up here quickly before working on a business plan this morning.

SDG said...

Fantastic music! Laura is going on tour with maxwell in select cities. I'm obsessed w/all things Nat'l Geographic.

Random_Personette said...

Sara Tavares is awesome.Check out her last album Balancê.You need it in you life,it's been on heavy rotation 'round my way for over a year.Buy it,download it or borrow it.Tracks to look out for are- Balancê,Bom feeling,Novidadi,Poka-Terra and my all time fave-the wonderful,awesome,sexy - amor e .

and a big big thank you for the nat geo music site.World music is my thing and now I can overdose on music and musicians I can't understand.