Friday, February 6, 2009

From the AV Room: Drumline, Brazilian-Style

This is for all my HBCUans in the house, and all lovers of Southern black college and high school marching bands: tell me, tell me this does not channel halftime at the Florida Classic, Bayou Classic, Atlanta Classic, Circle City Classic (lots of classics), Raines v. Ribault, Norland v. Carol City, Southwest DeKalb or Washington High Homecoming, or Dave Chappelle's Block Party!

If you haven't the foggiest idea of what the hell I'm talkin' bout, please see the 2002 feature film, Drumline, starring Mariah's current, Nick Cannon.

This is footage from São Paulo's Vai-Vai samba school practicing for that city's Carnival competition at the end of this month. I'm telling you folks, you can call it whatever you want, in whatever language you want, but the rhythm within us remains unchanged.

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Fly Girl said...

What!? This is total Florida A&M, Tuskeegee, Clark (where Drumline was filmed) flash! Those African rhythms and motions can not be erased, whether it's Talahassee or Sao Paulo.