Monday, January 26, 2009

From the AV Room: Beleza Pura!

As Carnival preparations are now in full swing - the blessed event starts February 21 - Rio's busy selecting this year's Carnival Muse, a dancer from one of the competing samba schools who will open the parade. This young lady right here, a 25-year-old professional dancer representing the very popular Mangueira samba school, put it on 'em: the interviewer can't stop complimenting her, the crowd loves her, and one of the judges (a drag queen, I think) even breaks protocol to praise the whole shebang. The short interview is book-ended by a bootylicious entrance and a winning show of her samba skills. All dude can say at the end is "pure beauty." One time for the sistas!


Fly Girl said...

Did he say she was representing Manguera? That's the samba school that I have a shirt from. She's gorgeous! Go Lucianna!

Fly Brother said...

Yes, she's from Mangueira. You wouldn't happen to be affiliated with a certain Greek organization that shares Mangueira's colors, would you? Luciana's the bomb.

Fly Girl said...

Ha! Well, I almost was but I tranferred before my line started. I was told that Manguiera was the best samba school so I had to get a shirt that represented them.

Anonymous said...

Fierce, so FIERCE!

Merci mon chou!

Felicia, This Time Now