Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Voted!

And I'm perfectly euphoric. Today, I mailed in my absentee ballot, voting for president (B. Obama, of course), a Florida state senator, about six judges, the Duval County clerk of court, some folks for the soil and water commission, and on a couple of state constitutional amendments (including pro-non-citizen property ownership rights and pro-gay marriage).

I've done my duty. If Obama loses, so will be forever lost the modicum of faith I have in the U.S. electoral system and its citizenry, and I will never vote again. What would be the point after that? This, from a political science major and former political campaign operative turned international blogger.

Here's hopin'.

Meanwhile, if some foul shit goes down in Florida, if they try to hoodwink us, bamboozle us, lead us astray, or run us amock like in 2000, my girl Cyndi got proof that at least one vote was cast for Barack Obama in Dade County:


Darius T. Williams said...

I had noooo idea you were even a us citizen - you're always doing international travels - I didn't know. Congrats on getting us closer to history!

Don't Oppress Me said...

I imagine myself walking out of the polling place, which is my old, racist elementary school, like FUCK... ALL YA'LL, I'm a black man and the massiah has come. The old heads tell me they did the same thing with Jesse in '88.

Anonymous said...

We voted! My family rocks!
People were smiling from ear to ear!

Ciao baby!
Felicia, This Time in Seoul

kelly jo said...

and you got your wish, as well as every other man and woman that voted for the right presidential candidate. we all are cheering still in our university halls here in yola, nigeria.

Anonymous said...

Fly Brother, where art thou?

Felicia, This Time in Seoul